Phipps Neighborhoods App
When I was working as a group leader at Phipps Neighborhoods, there seemed to be difficulty conveying information to our participants.

The way that I solved this was by creating an app that let you update the events at each site using a Firebase Realtime Database.

Say that three times fast.

This project was made using Google's Flutter which uses Dart. I didn't know Dart or Flutter, but I put aside an entire week to work on this and learn the internals and this is what I came up with.

I am a big fan of Flutter and the "Auto-Material" aspect of it is really nice. I do think it has a while to go before it is production ready, but it is very useful for getting something out the door quickly. Hopefully Google keeps supporting it *fingers crossed* .
Young Men's Initiative Community Watch Website
The YMI Community Watch project is dedicated to identifying areas within the South Bronx where homelessness, poverty, and misuse of land are occurring.

I was lucky enough to be both a mentor to the kids and the tech lead on this project. After not being satisfied with a Squarespace template, the kids asked if I could implement another design that they came up with.

The Allstate Foundation, in a partnership with Peace First, flew us out to Chicago to present at their Good Starts Young Rally where only the top 10 teams from around the country were invited. Additionally, we received a $2,000 grant to continue to work on the project.